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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Ceramic Tile

Blue Bathroom Tiles Porcelain Floor Travertine Tile Stone Glass Light Black And White Ceramic

So youve moved into your new apartment and you find that your floor is in bad shape. So you decide to tear out the old floor tiles and put in new ones. But beware! Ceramic tile installation is not as easy as it looks. So before you begin tearing out anything from the floor take a few and learn more about what you need to prepare for when starting on installing your new ceramic tiles. Here are three great tips on what to prepare for when planning your ceramic tile installation: 1) Identify what kind of floor you have - or rather your subfloor. Knowing the kind of subfloor youll be setting your ceramic tiles over is important.

Not all tiles are created equal and the differences can determine if your ceramic tiles will hold up to the use you are putting them. For example low fire tiles or tiles that have only been through a bisque firing are generally less expensive but not nearly as durable as high fired tiles. Even if the tile has been glazed it may still have only gone through one firing and very possibly only a low firing so the fact of it being glossy and colorful is no indication that the tile has the durability of a high-fired tile. Greenware - ceramics that has dried but not been fired can be glazed with a low fire glaze and fired to a comparatively low temperature.

During installation tiles should be placed so that there are no gaps left between the individual tiles. Otherwise the tile can leak and seepage will occur in the spaces left behind. Seepage is a common problem in many households and the tiles are also harder to clean as dirt and dust will build up in the cracks and cannot be reached with a vacuum or sponge. Quickly clean ceramic tile will become a hopeless dream. Clean ceramic tile is also safer tile. Not only does cleaning help to extend the life and quality of tiles it can help to extend the life of the family.

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