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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Ceramic Tile

Slate Floor Tiles White Mosaic Bathroom Glass Tile Patterns Grey Border Stone Wall Ceramic

Tiles form an integral part of the home and for the family clean ceramic tile is only in its best interest. Removing ceramic tile is usually a secondary job that includes the application of some tools coupled with physical power. Ceramic tiles generally do not come up easily and their removal process depends on the surface on which they are installed. For instance if they are set in mastic ceramic tiles come up easily with the help of a long-handled floor scraper. But for removing asbestos-laden mastic ceramic tiles you require special equipments and respirators. Certain things have to be taken into consideration when removing ceramic tiles. The surrounding bricks and walls should not be disturbed while removing ceramic tiles.

During installation tiles should be placed so that there are no gaps left between the individual tiles. Otherwise the tile can leak and seepage will occur in the spaces left behind. Seepage is a common problem in many households and the tiles are also harder to clean as dirt and dust will build up in the cracks and cannot be reached with a vacuum or sponge. Quickly clean ceramic tile will become a hopeless dream. Clean ceramic tile is also safer tile. Not only does cleaning help to extend the life and quality of tiles it can help to extend the life of the family.

A large frog leaping out from your shower wall at body height is probably not a good idea. Obviously porous tiles are not good for wet areas. So long as the tile is vitreous - has been fired to maturity such that the crystalline structure is unified - the tile or glaze is OK however the joints between the tiles will need to be sealed. Again the best bet here is a high fired stoneware tile with a dependable glaze. Flooring presents other challenges and opportunities. Clearly floor tiles must be durable so high fire stoneware is the best choice. Any kind of relief is not advised as uneven surfaces can be difficult to walk on especially for the aged.

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