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Most tiles are exposed to dust and they will fade over time if they are not cleaned regularly especially those with painted images or designs. It is important to have clean ceramic tile because it keeps the family healthy and happy. In the end it also saves on money and time since well-groomed tiles will last longer and will need to be replaced less frequently saving on cost labor and annoyance. A ceramic tile can be cleaned with a sponge and detergent. Ceramic tiles have a smooth surface which makes them easy to clean. Day-to-day cleaning can involve a vacuum since light upkeep throughout the week will result in consistently clean ceramic tile.

There are three main types of floors (or subfloors) that you might encounter when starting on your ceramic tile installation: a. A concrete floor - Working ceramic tiles over a concrete subfloor is the most ideal but you have to check and clean it of debris before you start. All the cracks and holes need to be repaired and filled in before your ceramic tile installation can start. Once your start working on your project each of your ceramic individual tiles will be bonded directly to the concrete floor. If the cracks widen this will affect your tiles as well.

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Some cracks may even be that large that it would be best to replace the larger sections of your concrete floor rather than patching up all the cracks. If you have a lot of large cracks especially ones that run up the wall consult a specialist before your start working on your tiling project. b. A plywood subfloor. If youre moving into a second floor apartment most likely youre subfloor will be in plywood. Because you will be putting ceramic tiles over wood your plywoord subfloor has to be structurally sound and capable of supporting your ceramic tile installation.

An additional consideration with flooring tiles is slickness. A glossy glaze on a floor is not recommended. A heavily textured glaze or a matte glaze is best. Outdoor use in cold climates demands high fired tiles and dependable glazes especially if on horizontal surfaces. Low fire and even porous tiles can be used outdoors in cold climates if on or in a vertical surface. But you are still better off with a frost proof tile in cold climates. Finally there is the issue of a ceramic tile being food-safe. Many decorative ceramic art tiles are used as serving trays for a variety of hot and cold foods and it is important that these not leach out chemicals.

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