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Porcelain Wood Effect Floor Tiles Like Tile Flooring Grain Ceramic Planks That Looks Plank Floors Look

However no matter the type of tile or the use of the tile it should be taken care of because clean ceramic tile is a key component in both the beauty of a house and the health of a family. Decorative ceramic tile is used to decorate walls and floors. Walls can be decorated with these tiles in the place of wallpaper. Fireplaces and showers can be decorated with decorated tiles which increase the value of the house. Interior designers are using decorative tiles in their designs and homeowners are learning to express their beliefs and personalities through the tiles they choose.

There are three main types of floors (or subfloors) that you might encounter when starting on your ceramic tile installation: a. A concrete floor - Working ceramic tiles over a concrete subfloor is the most ideal but you have to check and clean it of debris before you start. All the cracks and holes need to be repaired and filled in before your ceramic tile installation can start. Once your start working on your project each of your ceramic individual tiles will be bonded directly to the concrete floor. If the cracks widen this will affect your tiles as well.

Dust and other chemicals can make families sick and cleaning tile helps to remove at least some of the bacteria and disease from the home. If oil or any other petroleum product spills on the tile floor it should be cleaned up right away as the tiles can become very slippery and dangerous to walk on. Clean ceramic tile saves a family from accidents as long as it is dried adequately after Ceramic tile cleaners are designed specifically to clean ceramic tile especially the surface and are available in liquid form. Cleaner is also available as a disinfectants Care should be taken while cleaning tiles as chemicals no matter how harmless can be dangerous if used improperly.

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